ENG – Pilis Cup 2019

UCI C1 XCO race and Hungarian Cup
21 – 22 September 2019
Technical Guide



Type of event:

Mountain Bike Olympic Cross (XCO, UCI C1)


Date of event:

21st –  22nd  September 2019



Pilis Cross Country Club (PCCC)




The event takes place next to Piliscsév, as is shown on the map. Piliscsév is located 30 kilometers from Budapest.

by Car: No 10.  Main road 30 km from Budapest

by Train: from Budapest West Station to Piliscsév Station (200 m from here)

Race regulation:

The race will be run according to the UCI regulations.


Race Director:

László BENKÓ

mobile: +36 20 974 3765, e-mail: benko.l@freemail.hu


Course Director:


mobile: +36 70 531 2109, e-mail: rezniksanyee@gmail.com



Miklós KEPPLER +36 703953015 keppler.miklos.norbert@gmail.com

Olivér GREMAN +36 302281390 greman@ovartej.hu


Info for foreign riders:

Barbara BENKÓ: +36 204678367 barbara.benko21@gmail.com



UCI commissaires:    


Ms Veronika KREJČOVÁ


National commissaires:

Orbán László
Kovács László
Cséri Szilvia
Földi József
Gulyás Mihály




For non-Hungarian riders registration form:


For Hungarian riders pre-registration is available online via ODIN race registration system under Pilis Kupa. (http://www.odinsport.eu/):


Pre-registration fee for U9, U11, U13 categories:                            3500 Ft

Pre-registration fee for U15, U17, Masters, Hobby categories:       5000 Ft

Pre-registration fee for U19, U23/Elite UCI C1categories:               5500 Ft / 20 Euro


The pre-registration fee must be paid in person at the registration or via transfer until the 18th of September:

OTP 11742245-20050409


On-site registration:

Saturday, 21st September 7:45 – 9:45 / 16:00 – 18:00 (U9-U17)


Registration fee for U9, U11, U13 categories:                                  4500 Ft

Registration fee for U15, U17, Masters, Hobby categories:                         6000 Ft

Registration fee for U19, U23/Elite UCI C1 categories:                   7000 Ft / 25 Euro


Important: As number plates are required in order to train on the course, all riders must first complete the registration process before training. Riders found training without a number plate may be fined by the Commissaires’ Panel.


Official training:

Saturday: 7:45-9:45

Saturday: 16:00-18:00 (U9-U17)

Sunday: 8:00-9:15 (U9-U17)


Team manager meeting:

Masters, Hobby

UCI C1 Junior, Elite

Saturday, 21st September 9:00



Provided by Tempo Sport, professional timing services.


Starting order, start:

The starting order is determined as follows:

  1. As per the last published UCI XCO individual ranking;
  2. As per the last published Hungarian XCO ranking;
  3. Unclassified riders: by the order of their registrations;


The competitor who is absent at the call-up, can only line up in the last line of their category.



The usage of the 80% rule (Any rider whose time being 80% slower of that of the race leader’s first lap is pulled out of the race.) will be decided by the UCI commissaire.




U23 / Elite 1990-2000
U19 -Junior 2001-2002
Masters 1 1980-1989
WMasters 1989-
Masters 2 1970-1979
Masters 3 1969-
Hobby 1 2000-
Hobby 2 2001-2004



U17, WU17 2003-2004
U15, WU15 2005-2006
U9, WU9 2011-
U11, WU11 2009-2010
U13, WU13 2007-2008



Time schedule

Date Start Categories Course Race Time Time of award ceremony


10:00 Masters, Hobby Elite 45–75 min 16:30
12:00 Elit women, Junior women, Junior men Elite 60–105 min 16:30
14:00 Elite men / U23 men Elite 60–105 min 16:30


9:30 U15 Elite 35-40 min 13:30
10:30 U17 Elite 50-60 min 13:30
11:45 U9 U9 8-10 min


12:15 U11 U11- U13 15 – 18 min 13:30
12:45 U13 U11-U13 20-27 min 13:30



For top 3 in all categories: medals.



Prize money for the event will be paid in HUF.


Points Awarded

UCI ranking points for this event will be awarded in the UCI Individual Cross Country ranking for each of Men Elite and Women Elite in UCI categories: according to the regulation of the UCI.



Elit men / Elit Women


Helyezés Díj
1. 74,000 HUF
2. 62,000 HUF
3. 49,500 HUF
4. 37,000 HUF
5. 31,000 HUF
6. 24,500 HUF
7. 18,500 HUF
8. 15,500 HUF
9. 12,500 HUF
10. 6,000 HUF


Junior men / Junior women


Place Prize
1. 16,000 HUF
2. 12,500 HUF
3. 9,500 HUF
4. 8,000 HUF
5. 7,000 HUF
6. 5,500 HUF
7. 5,000 HUF
8. 4,000 HUF
9. 3,000 HUF
10. 2,500 HUF



Course Overview

Course Length: 4,5 km

Elevation Gain: 190 m.

Feed/Technical Assistance Zones: There will be a 2-side feeding / technical zone, close to the start / finish area.

Course Map and Elevation Profile







It is anticipated that this event will be selected for doping controls. The doping control station will be located within the venue, close to the start / finish area. It will be sign-posted.


Nearest Hospital:




Shower facility:

tA the start area